Dear Coach,

Steve Tucker here.

Today I’ve got something downright INCREDIBLE to show you.

A short while ago, me and a few coaches were discussing offensive schemes, and which formation was most likely to produce an explosive offense.

This led to a intense discussion about football strategy… why some teams are downright lousy on the offensive end… while others are able to march the ball downfield with such effortless ease.

The debate got pretty heated. But there was one thing we all agreed on.

If you're looking for a balanced attack that's easy to teach, easy to learn, and gets ALL your kids involved...

By spreading your formation horizontally, you force the defense to cover the entire width of the football field. That opens up multiple vertical seams for your running AND passing game… and creates some serious matchup problems for your competition.

THE RESULT: A dominating offensive attack that's almost impossible to stop!

You've probably seen teams like the Florida Gators and Alabama Crimson Tide run the Shotgun Spread on their way to national championships.

But it's not just for big-time college football programs.

High school teams, JV teams, Junior High teams, even Pop Warner teams can now use this incredible offensive strategy with the help of a new step by step coaching system...


Coach Mike Sanford, a 20 year veteran who not only led USC as a quarterback, but also coached UNLV, Notre Dame, USC and many others during his noteworthy career – will lead this 4 part online video clinic covering everything you need to know about the shotgun spread.

Inside, You WILL Access:

  1. Nearly 2 Full-Hours Of PROVEN Shotgun Plays

  2. Play-By-Play Video Narrated By Mike Sanford

  3. 21 Unstoppable Plays You MUST See For Yourself

  4. Specific Coaching Techniques and Strategies For Top-Notch Execution

  5. A Secret Formula That Works Almost EVERY Time

  6. And a Whole Lot More, You Have To Come And See For Yourself How Amazing This Clinic Is…

If you need a secret advantage over the competition, learn from a proven leader both on and off the field. Sanford has the kind of experience most coaches DREAM of – something you can access Right Now for an incredible price…

Here's a quick rundown of everything that's included...


There ARE basic ingredients to a successful shotgun spread. In these videos, Coach Sanford will explain what works, what doesn’t, and things most teams flat out don’t understand.

Instructional videos make things simple…

And that’s EXACTLY what phase #1 is designed to do – make the shotgun spread simple. The key to every successful formation is team-work, and the simpler your players understand, the better they perform.

Learn The Secrets Of Effective Shotgun Strategy
How To Easily Change Receiver Routes Mid-Play To Expose Defensive Weakness
How To Maximize Your Quarterbacks Running Threat
Teach Your Linemen How To Dominate Core Defensive Players
Expand Your Hot Zones 20+ Yards With Simple Adjustments

Simply calling plays in the shotgun spread DOES NOT cut it. These are high-impact plays, designed for maximum gains. If your team isn’t capitalizing in the shotgun spread, chances are they haven’t understood the basics.

The most common style in football is the dropback pass. If your quarterback struggles here, chances are he isn’t putting up very good numbers.

He MUST understand the formation before play begins, this way he can scan quickly prior to releasing the ball.

Discover 1 Simple Trick To Throwing Off Defensive Coverage
How The “Naked” Formation Will Ignite Your Offensive Threat
Sanford Uncovers Techniques For Quarterbacks Of All Styles And Abilities, Helping Them To Maximize The Dropback Passing Game.
Exposing B-Gap Defenders With A Highly Effective Shift
And All With Play-By-Play, Slow motion, In-Game Video To Make The Transition Simple.

With the right plays, and precise coaching techniques, the dropback pass is deadly for an unprepared defense. However, give them a few seconds to adjust, and your opportunity could turn disastrous.

Coach Sanford is raw and uncovered in regards to the dropback pass, explaining tactics he PERSONALLY uses every single game.


Play-action passing is perfect for throwing the defense off-guard. Execute this technique properly, and BIG GAINS are sure to follow.

In this phase, you will learn:

1 Simple Option Play That Produces HUGE RESULTS Time After Time
How To Convert Your Tight-End Into A Big Gainer With Loads Of Daylight
A Crazy Effective Pitch Formation That Confuses Defenses And Opens Large Gaps
3 Killer Strategies For Making The Quarterback A Multi-Dimensional Weapon For Both Running And Passing
2 Play Action Formations GUARANTEED To Convert

These killer strategies are exposed for the first time on film. Never before has this been spoken outside football camps or coaching locker-rooms.


Running in the shotgun formation has serious potential, to explode, to dominate, and deceive. In this phase, Mike Sanford uncovers the MUST HAVE ingredients to big runs.

If you want:

Breaking Man Coverage With 5 Simple Ingredients
Deceiving The Defensive Line And Exploding Off The Ball
3 Jaw Dropping Ingredients To A Killer Running Formation
The Absolute MUST HAVE Techniques For Reading The Run Defense And Maximizing Your Gains
Executing Breakout Runs In The Shotgun Formation With Both Your QB And RB
And So Much More, You Have To See For Yourself

Coach Sanford devours the secrets of running in the shotgun, what you cannot leave outside your playbook, and why they fool the defense consistently.

As you can see, this online clinic is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY. Something every serious coach should check out (especially if you have a championship in sight).

Until now, the only way to learn such an incredible collection of plays and strategies from an experienced Division 1 veteran would be at one of those overpriced coaching seminars halfway across the state.

Once you pay your admission ($100 or more)... add in your hotel and food costs (another $200)... not to mention gas (a small fortune on it's own)... your talking 400 bucks or more.

But I'm not going to ask $400... or $300... or even $200 to access this incredible resource.

I haven’t priced this clinic based on value – because if I had, most coaches flat out couldn’t afford it.

And that’s important to me. You see, when I was an up and coming coach myself, clinics like this were out of my price-range. Ultimately, my time was spent doing the things EVERY other coach was doing:

Staring At Game Tape Until I Passed Out
Going Over The Same Plays, Over And Over, Hoping For A Break
Getting On My Players About Mistakes, Even Though I Wasn’t Doing A Great Job Of Coaching Them To Begin With

So, years later, I’ve decided to introduce the SECRETS that college and professional level coaches implement on a regular basis... and make it accessible for ANY coach... no matter what kind of budget you're on.

Here’s how it all works...

Start by clicking the Add to Cart button below. Fill out the secure form, and we'll send you directly into our member's area, where you can start watching the videos right away.

Your price today is just $14.95. You can test drive the material for a full 30 days. Go through the plays... discuss them with your assistant coaches... try out a few in practice if you like. If it's all as good as I say, do nothing and we'll automatically charge you 2 more monthly payments of just $30.

That's just $74.95 total - for all 4 videos inside this amazing package. Less than one-fifth of what it would cost to learn these secrets from Coach Sanford in person.

If you decide the Shotgun Spread isn't for you (or you change your mind for any reason) just shoot me an email and I'll cancel your order. I'll even give you the $14.95 back for good measure!

You can stream the videos over your Internet connection, watch them on your mobile device or tablet, or save them to your computer (Mac or PC) to watch any time.

It's easy. No special skills or fancy software needed. In fact, if you know how to watch a video on Youtube, then you have everything you need to start cracking into this incredible football coaching material right now.

Now, before you say anything else, my colleagues regularly poke fun at me for sharing these programs so cheap.

I’ve been hearing it for years:

“You know Steve, if it were me, I’d be charging a couple hundred bucks for these clinics, at minimum. I just don’t see how you practically give them away like this.”

But guess what??

I’m not here to make a killing. I don’t want coaches to drain their savings accounts in hopes of finally getting the edge they need TO WIN!!

Unfortunately, that’s how my career began. I don’t want the same to happen to you, or anyone else for that matter. You know what all my big expenditures accounted for in the end?

Instead of racking up championships, like I secretly dreamed of, I was faced with mediocre teams that never won the big game.

And that’s when I realized it just wasn’t worth the thousands of dollars I’d thrown away on programs, books, boot-camps and everything else under the sun.

Here, you won’t find any mind boggling prices, numbers that make you cringe when opening up the wallet. Fact is, these coaching techniques should be available to EVERYONE!

When my colleagues realized I was letting coaches test out these online clinics for just pennies on the dollar... the same resources I paid thousands for them to speak on, I thought they would absolutely EXPLODE!!

“How can you dream of that Steve, we’re ALL college or professional level coaches with big time credibility. Our name alone should be more than enough for them to believe! And you're giving them the chance to just learn all the material for 30 days and then get a refund? What kind of businessman are you anyway!?”

But I didn’t care.

You see, many years ago, I could have become a much better coach had "test drives" like this been around. Many of the opportunities that could have ACTUALLY helped, well, let’s just say I missed them.

I don’t want you to miss them like me. That’s why I’m letting you test drive the entire package (137 minutes of top notch plays and strategies) for only $14.95.

If you want:

21 Simple And Highly Effective Plays In The Shotgun Spread
Devastating Formations That Create Daylight For Running Backs, Quarterbacks And Receivers
An Experienced D1 Coach With Over 20 Years of Experience To Break Everything Down To A Science

And A Whole Lot More Amazing Coaching Strategies, Killer Plays And Secrets Behind The Shotgun Spread…

Then this opportunity cannot be missed.

A brighter future awaits your team, your career, even your dreams…


P.S.The shotgun spread clinic is designed to ignite your offense, simple as that. If you're looking for innovative, explosive offensive plays... plays that send the defense into the locker-room shivering, this online clinic is JUST what the doctor ordered!

P.P.S. Don’t forget, there’s absolutely NO RISK whatsoever in this purchase. I don’t want you to feel pressured here – that’s not how I coach.

Like I said, your price today is just $14.95. You can test drive the material for a full 30 days. If it's all as good as I say, do nothing and we'll automatically charge you 2 more monthly payments of $30.


P.P.P.S. Mike Sanford isn’t just some ordinary coach, but a WINNER. He’s coached at Notre Dame, USC, UNLV and boatloads of other big name organizations. This clinic is the REAL DEAL…


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