Fellow Coach,

Football is one of the most exciting sports on the planet – when you're winning that is. However, for us coaches who aren’t blessed with extraordinary talent throughout the lineup, it can be one of the most frustrating games in the world…

Some coaches just get flat out lucky – and end up with a team that destroys the competition game in, game out. For the rest of us, it all comes down to strategy – and capitalizing on our skills by out-thinking the opponents.

And the trickiest part of coaching is inside the RED ZONE:

The field is shorter, cutting play selection by 50%
Defenses are better prepared
You have to fight for every yard – let alone crossing the goal line
Blitzes are more common – pressuring your QB to make a mistake
Reaction times are quicker – making fumbles / interceptions 10x more probable
And most importantly – The PRESSURE IS ON!!!

No matter how good your team may be, the truest test of all is the red zone. A place where games are WON – or lost. Where laser targeted completions are made – or interceptions rip the life out of a drive. Where running backs burst along the sidelines and dive into the end zone – or fumble the ball as a result of the hardest hit they’ll ever experience.

The Red Zone is a place where leaders are born – and losers are left in frustration. If you’ve ever coached a tight game, then you’ll know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

Your so close to victory, you can almost taste it. All your team has to do is hold strong, and finish the drive. Problem is, these are adolescents were talking about – teenagers, not adults…

Just when you thought Winning was within your grasp, and the comeback of a lifetime would be achieved – a horrific mistake is made, and the opportunity disappears.

Has this happened to you? If your anything like most of us coaches, that answer is YES! Its nearly inevitable, at some point in your coaching career. And unfortunately for some, a quite common experience they’d love to forget.

Today, we’re offering an exclusive Red Zone playbook, packed with killer strategies and coaching secrets that will:

Increase your touchdown to field-goal ratio
Catch the other team by surprise
Give your players more confidence inside the Red Zone
Help prepare and avoid various defenses
And most importantly, offer high powered plays for your offense – plays that convert time after time, for teams at EVERY level of competition

If this sounds too good to be true, THINK AGAIN. The difference between winning and losing comes down to the details – and the decisions you make inside the red zone account for 75% of your scores.

If you aren’t getting touchdowns, and instead placing the poor kicker into scary long field goal opportunities, this online video clinic for Red Zone dominance MUST be taken seriously.


Inside this amazing online clinic:

You can have the greatest team in the world, but without touchdowns you WILL NOT WIN. Why place such a heavy burden on the defense, when your team can be chalking up 7’s on the board, instead of 3’s (if you’re lucky).

The creator of the Red Zone video clinic is Ed Zaunbrecher, a well-known and highly respected offensive coordinator who achieved great success on the college level.

The video clinic is designed to give you an ADVANTAGE, something that actually makes a difference come game-time. You simply won’t find a better coaching clinic, for such an incredibly low price, anywhere else on the internet.

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Inside the clinic, you’ll have access to:

Killer red zone strategies
Techniques to pick-apart your opponents
Reading the defense and scoring on their weaknesses
Secret plays – ones that other coaches DON’T HAVE
And best of all, a foundation to an Undefeated Season…

An opportunity like this doesn’t come around often. Many coaches will go decades without EVER figuring it out. Little did they know, the answers were always there – waiting for them to get hungry, to get sick of losing, and to STOP kicking field goals.

I know you want an undefeated season, or even a winning season for that matter…

I know you’re sick of falling apart inside the Red Zone, the fields most important area…

You want something more, something greater – plays that convert, strategies that deliver – you want an ADVANTAGE…



The greatest coaches on the planet ALL had something in common: They Were More Determined!!

  1. They wanted to WIN more than others
  2. They watched highlight reels longer
  3. They demanded MORE from their players
  4. They constantly searched for ways to improve

If you're determined, like I know you are, to build a better team – one who puts 7’s on the board instead of 3’s, this clinic will give you the advantage you’ve been after.

  1. STOP Finishing 2nd, 3rd Or Even Last Place
  2. STOP Falling Apart Inside The Red Zone
  3. STOP Using The Same Old Plays
  4. And See For Yourself How Powerful This Clinic Really Is

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Coach Steve Tucker

P.S. Building a winning, or even UNDEFEATED season requires killer Red Zone percentages. This clinic is a must have for any coach who's fed up with settling for field goals (or coming up empty after an amazing drive).

And remember... If you aren’t 100% certain about purchasing, remember this clinic is backed by a 100% Guarantee for 2 whole months. We’re so excited about this program that were absolutely certain you’ll LOVE IT.