Fellow Coach,

I know you want to WIN…

Fact is, we all do. As a fellow football coach, I understand a few things...

Winning matters.

Sure, youth football is about having fun and helping your kids grow and become better people... but it's a LOT more fun when you're putting W's up on the board.

Offensive execution is key.

It's probably the most critical part of the game. And there's no better feeling than when your kids run a play to perfection, breaking out for a HUGE gain, and making you look like a genius!

Losing sucks!

We've all seen the long faces, disappointed parents and fans, and overall gloomy atmosphere when your team fails to come through in the clutch. When all life is ripped out of your players because things don’t go according to plan.

Coaching is a game of Highs, and Lows. A game of excitement, and utter frustration. Of memorable plays, and soul-crushing disasters.

Not all coaches are created equal. Many go an entire career with victory, after victory, after victory. On the other hand, thousands of coaches NEVER enjoy a winning season.

What do you think separates the two? I know one thing for sure:

That’s right. It’s not some little-known secret either, but something all of us coaches understand.
These plays are what you call “GAME CHANGERS”

  1. A drop fade that gets you 60+ yards
  2. A hot-route exploding for a long touchdown
  3. Your corner route loses the defense and converts 50 yard gains over, and over again
  4. Your running-back becomes a primary receiver, exposing huge weaknesses in the defense

The fact is, vertical passing plays are crucial to every coaching playbook. If you run an offense that fails to implement vertical plays, forget about winning a championship.

Many coaches rely on the same plays over and over, game in, game out. This results in prepared defenses ready to devour your playbook.

If you already have vertical plays, but they aren’t working – try something better. Fact is, most plays are widely known and studied throughout the league. How can you expect to dominate when your competitors see the plays a mile away??

Inside this amazing online video clinic, you’ll learn:

8 proven ways to get the ball "vertical" in the passing game
How to attack the defense when they're sitting down on your short-to-intermediate passing game
Reads, adjustments, and schemes to pick up 50+ yard gains
How to ive your team the ADVANTAGE you’ve desperately searched for
How to gain credibility from parents, teachers and even other coaches
And so much more, it’s incredible…

Building a winning team requires hard work, superior strategy and excellent leadership. As a coach for several decades, I know what happens if ANY of those components go missing.

That’s why I’ve partnered with some of the greatest coaches of our era to produce instructional videos that make a difference. The one thing every winning coach I talk to says: Vertical Plays Are Absolutely Crucial…

These plays:

  1. Shake the defense to the core
  2. Take Over Momentum
  3. Boost player confidence
  4. And of course, SCORE TOUCHDOWNS!!

If you’re marching on the field without these HUGE passing plays in your arsenal, forget about winning consistently. Fact is, the plays we’re about to reveal are PROVEN to score, time after time.

That’s right. We’ve spent thousands of hours searching highlight reels, and as a result, came up with the greatest SECRETS in football – plays that were perfectly executed and produced amazing results…

These results are possible for you, and your team, Right Now!!

Inside "Going Long" you'll get instant access to:

74 minutes of meaty content explained by a Gunter Brewer, a Division I-FBS veteran who personally worked with Randy Moss
Plays which have been Tried, Tested and PROVEN…
Step-by-step instructions and breakdowns… so you can take everything to the field right away
All video - no reading whatsoever

Here's how it works…

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Every play you select is important. The right decision leads to powerful drives that score touchdowns. On the other hand, bad play calls will keep your punter extremely busy – or worse, turnovers will rain down like a storm.

When you understand superior vertical passing plays, from trained and PROVEN coaches, you'll put your competition back on their heels.

Instead of attacking your quarterback or aggressively pursuing the play… they'll be stuck in "react mode" - while YOU dictate the flow and pace of the game.

This online video clinic will break down killer passing plays that MUST be taught to your players. If you aren’t getting the offensive results you need, check this out before it’s too late.

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Coach Steve Tucker

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