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As a fellow youth football coach, I know firsthand just how devastating a well-schemed blitz can be.

There simply isn’t a better way to disrupt an opposing team’s offense, to confuse its players, to force mistakes and yes, even break a team’s will to win.

That’s why, if you are interested in improving your defense and winning more games, I urge you to get comfortable and read the rest of this page right now … yes, it’s that important.

You see, you’re about to discover how to dramatically improve your team’s blitzing WHILE eliminating wasted prep time as well as frustration and confusion among your players.

It’s an age-old truth – if you can get players confused, if you can get an opposing quarterback feeling “antsy” and more worried about the hits he’s taking than doing what he’s supposed to be doing on a particular play – your chances of winning skyrocket.

A perfect example of this is the 1985 Chicago Bears.

Many would say that team blitzed and pressured its way to a Super Bowl championship.

On some plays, opposing quarterbacks had to feel like they were being blitzed by every defensive player on the field and maybe some from the bench as well.

The team’s defensive coordinator, Buddy Ryan, certainly wasn’t shy about blitzing his players and it put so much pressure on the other team’s offense that most simply wilted – unable to execute their game plan.

What was true then, still holds true today – few things are more important to regularly winning football games than building an effective blitz package.

Being able to blitz effectively will give you a huge edge on the competition – especially in youth and high school football where players are even more susceptible to pressure.

Unfortunately, scheming blitzes can be time-consuming and then you also need time each week to teach the new blitzes to your players.

The whole process can be very frustrating, which is why having a complete blitz package, instead of adding blitzes week by week, can be so valuable.

With a blitz package, you won’t have to take time each week to create new blitzes, instead you’ll have an inventory that you can simply draw from and put into that week’s defensive game plan.

Having a blitz package will also allow you to fit your blitzes into your defensive system and create a natural progression that players will much better understand.

Here’s the bottom line:

With a complete blitz package you’ll be able to get every type of pressure from every type of angle and you won’t have to teach something new every week!

So now that I’ve told you why I think having a blitz package is so important to winning football games at any level – and especially in youth and high school football – let me tell you about how you can build that package quickly and easily.


Featuring John Thompson, former defensive coordinator at Georgia State University and current defensive coordinator at Arkansas State University, this clinic reveals step by step how you can build the blitz package you need to dominate the competition and win football games.

You’ll learn:

Single linebacker stunts and numerous blitzes out of a variety of blitz packages. You’ll learn dozens of easy blitz combinations that your players will be able to recognize from a single word … choose four or five for the upcoming game and watch the competition struggle to stop you!
How to build a blitz package that naturally progresses from your current defensive system – including what terminology to use to ensure your players never get confused!
How to put the opposing quarterback ‘in a whirlwind’ so that he is more worried about the hits he’s taking than performing his duties!
How to make the threat of pressure as effective as actually blitzing!
How to make football even more fun for your defensive players – the system you’ll learn will allow every player a chance to get a hit on the quarterback!
How to save time and frustration by having a system that you can draw from instead of having to create new blitzes every week!
How to blitz out of the Okie package, the freezer package, the under package and much, much more!

With the Truth About Blitzing Online Video Clinic you’ll learn a variety of simple to perform blitzes that have proven again and again to be highly effective at all levels of football from the pros all the way down to youth football.

You’ll even learn a special blitz developed by Monte Kiffin, the former defensive coordinator for those highly successful Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defenses of the 1990s, that your competition simply won’t know how to stop!

Imagine being able to regularly pressure the opposing team into mistakes …

Imagine never allowing the other team to get comfortable out on the field …

Imagine having a team that’s feared before the game even starts …

Imagine being able to reap benefits from just the threat of pressure …

This online video clinic will show you how to turn all of the above into reality.

Plus, since this clinic is presented online you can access it anytime, anywhere, 24/7. You can also pause and rewind the video to ensure important concepts are fully understood.

Very few quarterbacks perform well under constant pressure – which is exactly what the Truth About Blitzing Online Video Clinic will show you how to create in your next game.

Suddenly, your team will be dictating the pace of the game and your team will be creating more turnovers and generating more sacks, quarterback pressures and tackles for loss.

Your team will benefit from better field position and from more mistakes made by the other team – your defense may even end up putting some of those mistakes in the end zone, saving your offense some work.

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Will you just sit back and try to react to what the other team is doing…? Or will you give your team the blitzes it needs to disrupt your competition and leave them confused about what to do next?

With the Truth About Blitzing Online Video Clinic you get the schemes and the step by step guidance you need to turn your defense into a blitzing, disruptive force.

You’ll learn:

How to develop a blitzing defense that strikes fear in the heart of opposing players … and coaches!
How to disguise your blitzes so the offense never knows what’s coming next!
How to get dialed in and send the exact right player at the exact right time!
How to turn the opposing quarterback into a quivering mass of uncertainty!
How to use pressure to disrupt the other team and prevent them from ever getting comfortable or carrying out their game plan!
How to have the other team fighting about who is blocking who and never sure about where the next blitzer is coming from!
How to ratchet up the pressure even more and force the opposition into devastating mistakes and turnovers!
And much, much more!

Want a defense that acts like a ferocious pack of dogs? Then you have to turn them loose – but with a plan.

Not having a plan can lead to chaos, big mistakes and huge gains by the opposition’s offense.

The Truth About Blitzing Online Video Clinic ensures you have the well-thought-out, proven effective blitzes you need to wreck havoc on any offense.

Your defensive players will have more fun, which in turn will send their energy skyrocketing. Your players will also gain confidence with each sack or forced mistake.

In no time, you’ll have the fierce, pressure-causing defense you need to destroy the competition.

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Coach Steve Tucker

P.S. Remember… few things are more effective at changing the momentum of a football game than a well-schemed, well-timed blitz. Find out how to arm your team with an entire package of effective blitzes by signing up for the Truth About Blitzing Online Video Clinic today. Click here.

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